Mobile Friendly Website Test

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1. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

The tool is at and it basically gives you a pass or fail grade. It tells you whether your website is mobile friendly or not. The messages I was able to generate include:

  • Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.
  • Not mobile-friendly

Mobile Website Design


2. Use Mobile Devices (Smartphones & Tablets)

The best way to get a feel of what your mobile visitors experience when they visit your website is to test it on a mobile device like a phone or tablet.



2. Use Your Desktop Web Browser

The fastest way to test if your website is using responsive design is to open your site using a browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari and taking your mouse to the bottom right corner of the browser window, then drag it from the bottom right to left.

Although testing from your web browser is a quick and easy way to see if your site is mobile friendly, you should still test it on a actual mobile device for accurate results.

  Make My Website Mobile Friendly .


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Your Website Could be the Culprit Why Your Sales Figure is Low

by Natalia Nikolayevna on August 22, 2014 , No comments

So you hired some web development team some time ago to build your website. You did that because your colleagues and a whole bunch of others told you that having a website is very important for your business.
Of course, you believe those words.

You yourself know that as a consumer, you get online to search for products and you expect your customers to do the same thing. But, in the case of your business, it has been some time and you see nothing, no big progress whatsoever and now you are beginning to feel like what you paid for the web design service is not even worth it.
Well, you might be missing a few important basic things when it comes to your website. So open your eyes to these;

web visitorKnow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) when it comes to your site’s design. Look at what the website designer did to your site, was it something that is easy to the eyes or are you seeing complicated flash, banners or sidebars? If so, it’s now time to fully redesign that site of yours. A real expert website designer knows the logic behind concepts and designs and its effects to the marketing aspects of a site.

Next, go through your website and ask yourself; is this user-friendly? User-friendly means that everything about your website should be easy to manage for whosoever visits your website. Put yourself as a site visitor who is browsing through a product’s list but the list would not display because the visitor’s browser is not compatible with a certain element of the website. You know what’s going to happen next. The user will go back to the search engine and instead, find another provider. Uh, uh, that is a potential sale wasted. Make sure that your website it is compatible with every browser type, the contents are well-formatted and easy to scan, your users can navigate around easily. Also see to it that your site loads fast and all the forms are working.

You should also know that mobile is the now King device. More than fifty percent of those who search the Web use their Smartphones. Currently there are over 1.5 billion Smartphone users around the world. The question is, is your website designed to fit for all types of Smartphones? We at Jwebsite Designer know this fact that is why we make responsive web designs or the architecture where a website is accessible on every device.

Also, keep in mind that social media matters so make it as a part of your web design. Integrate your social media pages (yes, we are talking about Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) with your website as customers these days are likely contact you through your social network pages.

Since you already existed on the Web, make sure you are found when your customers look for you on search engines. See to it that the overall elements of your website are Search Engine friendly. Follow the search engines’ guidelines to avoid being penalized. Better yet, hire an expert Search Engine Optimization team to help you rank higher than your competition on search.

Now is the time to take action. Tweak your website into something profitable. Don’t just be another site on the Web, standout!

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